October 26, 2006


If there is a war on terrorism; and if President Bush acknowledges that being in Iraq creates new terrorists; and if he keeps the US in Iraq anyway; then he is guilty of supporting terrorism, of giving aid and comfort to the enemy, of treason.

(This is in addition to being guilty of an illegal war of aggression, of lying to Congress, of violating the Geneva Convention, of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of non-combattant men, women and children, etc.)

The only consolation (for those of us who prefer international law to might-makes-right anarchy, but who fear the US Supreme Court is made up weak-minded conservative hacks and spineless political appointees) is that Messrs. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will spend the rest of their lives in fear of the International Criminal Court bringing them to trial and to jail, when the ICC is properly strengthened in the next few years.

Let's have more Law, Not War!

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