December 4, 2007

WMD and Oil

Bush never lied, or meant to deceive anyone about Iraq - it's just we don't all speak quite the same language as the Commander-in-*hief. When he uses the phrase "Weapons of mass destruction", just remember that he means Oil.

He never really wanted to go into Afghanistan - they don't have Weapons of mass destruction. He wanted to attack Iraq instead, to get control of their Weapons of mass destruction. The US has Weapons of mass destruction, of course, but not enough; 'enough' would, ideally, be a complete monopoly. So he had to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, to prevent threats and to hold the fractious country together. Like Saddam Hussein!

Now he's telling everyone that Iran has Weapons of mass destruction. Of course! Saddam realized that too!

The biggest irony will be when he realizes that Kuwait has Weapons of mass destruction, and the US has to go in and bring them under Iraq's control.


(With a tip of the hat to Eliza D. Squirrel for identifying this language issue.)

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