October 29, 2006

Religious belief

Many philosophies, doctrines, religions and political groups are antithetical to human development and fulfillment - but, paradoxically, the search into and through them may be essential for that development and fulfillment... so long as you can journey through and out the other side.

As was said by the prophet Muhammad - long dead, but much revered- "Seek knowledge, though it be in China." At that time China was not only the furthest known place of human habitation (from his point of view), but also the furthest from the mono- and polytheistic understandings of the Universe that were familiar to Muslims.

I have been, at one time or another, an Anglican Christian, an atheist, a Hatha Yogi, an Anthroposophist, and a Sunni Muslim. Now I suspect that gods are the product of your own Unconscious; but I still think it healthy and useful to worship them, because that is how your conscious mind respects and communicates with the mysterious but essential Unconscious part of your being.

As for a Creator of the Universe, trailing its unfathomable question of where the Creator Itself came from, the issue is not of practical importance. Perhaps the entirety of creation, including us, is the Creator. But unless we create indefinite lifespans for ourselves, the matter is irrelevant. Of more practical value is trying to figure out how to have the world governed by Law, not War - and the value of religious belief in this area is ambiguous, to say the least.

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