November 2, 2006

The Laughable US Constitution - political parties

The problems with the Constitution of the United States are massive and fundamental, and ripple out through all aspects of life here.

The essential problem is not that it is a horse-and-buggy document still being used in a cyber age (though that is bad enough); no, the real problem is that its authors believed they could structure politics in the US in such a way as to prevent the rise of political parties! Everything is built on that, and on the assumption that political votes and appointments would be made by reasonable people acting in a disinterested way for the good of the nation.

As if!

What the Founding Fathers would have thought of a Supreme Court constituted of party political appointees, voting on a party line vote as to who should be the President of the United States and subverting the clear will of the people in the process... Well, if that possibility had been seen by them, they would have written a very different document.

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